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"We staff team members!"
Recruiting quality team members in all areas of IT, Mobile, QA, Web / Creative, Technical Writing / Editors, UI/UX, HW / SW Engineering, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Database / Business Intelligence, Project / Program / Product Management, Administrative, Sales, Accounting, Human Resources, Recruiting, Business Analyst and a lot more! We recruit locally and nationally for qualified candidates at all phases of their career. Positions include contract, contract to hire and direct hire opportunities. 

-Become a black hole after you submit your resume
-Spam you after a keyword search with jobs that are not a match for you
-Call you about positions that are below the pay rate or level you are currently at in your career
-Email you daily with opportunities you told us you are not interested in or in locations you said you wouldn't ever move to
-Submit you to a position without disclosing the company, the rate and all we know about the position
-Ask you silly questions like "Do you know .net?"
-We will never assume and will always ask!

-Listen to what you tell us and even take notes so we don't forget
-Read your resume before calling you for a position
-Ask your permission to submit to any position in advance
-Follow up any submission with a full job description, client job number and confirmation of the rate we discussed in writing for your future reference
-Be available any time for questions and make sure those questions get answered
-Help you with your resume/interview preparation
-Get you a fair market rate for what you do!
-Tell you when you are not being considered anymore for the job and why if provided that information by our client

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